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eMKT – Our healthy marketplace is now ready! has just completed its homecare marketplace platform eMKT  and invites medical professionals such as RAI evaluators or specialized nurses to register on to offer their services at home.
Several organizations have showed interests using this platform if the number of registered resources is sufficient.
Housekeepers can also register for housekeeping and meal services. Registration is completely free. Service providers can indicate their availability and their hourly rate in order to receive the right requests.
The social network, eHSN (eMEDICS Health Social Network) is being finalized. The eMKT platform should be able to integrate with eHSN but also with coreERP, software used by medical organizations, to bring these organizations closer to the medical professionals and patients.

Read More is pleased to announce IT consultancy work with WHO, a YFORM Ltd company, is pleased to announce IT consultancy work with WHO, the World Health Organization. This is part of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). will be involved in a pilot project in seven countries to measure compliance with smoke-free legislation and bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS), using mobile technology. The use of conventional and crowd sourcing surveys will be deployed to conduct the surveys using a special Mobile App that has been developed for the project enabling offline capabilities. Building capacity of implementing agencies and training data collectors on data collection, data monitoring and preliminary analyses are the keys deliverables of that project.

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Feb 2018 update – coreERP v1.7 available for Swiss home-care organizations and is GDPR compliant! coreERP v1.7 turnkey solution has been successfully completed for the Swiss market. The EMR (Electronic Medical Record / Medical requests) and RAI evaluation processes (RAI MDS and Household assessments) are now fully functional. When the medical staff assess RAI MDS evaluations, performance scales (ADL, IADL, CPS and DRS) as well as the GAD alarms, are automatically generated (on the fly). This helps streamline the decision making. Mental Health PHQ-9 / GAD-07 is being implemented and shall be available in the coming weeks.

We invite Swiss home-care organizations to contact us at or +41 75 416 4140 to participate to our pilot projects.  Your organization would take advantage of a substantial gain of productivity in your day to day business (ex: use of Electronic Patient record, fill-in RAI evaluations online, document generation on the fly, such as OPAS…). In exchange, free licenses and support will be provided by team in order to meet your expectations and business needs.
coreERP solution is now responsive using the same code for mobile and web, reducing by half any development cost. The solution could also be used in the field while we’re still adjusting the offline capabilities. It has been optimized to run on any type of IT infrastructure. Our framework is open-source which makes our first class solution available to large but also small to medium home-care organizations. Our solution combines quality and competitive pricing over time with a drastic cut in maintenance and operations.

1) Pilots and projects updates:

  • We’re already in discussion with a couple of home-care organizations to start pilot projects.
  • We’re also meeting AVASAD this month, to discuss a potential collaboration.
  • At this stage, we only invite Swiss home-care organizations that are interested by such a solution to contact us for free demos and licenses.
  • The generic international InterRAI solution is scheduled to be supported by Q4 2018. European and North American home-care organizations could still contact us to book a demo and reserve free coreERP licenses.

2) Infrastructure update:

  • coreERP has been tested on shared hosted environments such as InfoManiak and the solution works perfectly fine. This is a huge achievement, allowing small/medium/large home-care associations to significantly reduce their infrastructure expenses and operational costs.
  • InfoManiak infrastructure platform provides a state-of-the-art back-up solution: your data is backed-up daily on a second data center and previous versions could be restored in one click. This is crucial especially when dealing with high sensitive patient data information.
  • It is now GDPR compliant (European General Data Protection Regulation) which makes it the best choice to host our Health oriented software for European organizations.
  • coreERP is also being tested in other countries (OVH and HostGator) and on-premise (LAMPP and WAMPP servers).

3) Process automation update:

  • OPAS computations are fully functional providing the LiMA and OPAS estimates on the fly.
  • Approbation workflows are ongoing and should be ready in the coming weeks.
  • The advanced business process automation based on RAI assessments, has been refined and is functional. An updated version including end-to-end automation (from the assessment or the medical request to invoicing) shall be available by Q2, 2018.

4) Other updates:

  • Multilingual module is now available and any language could be supported by filling-in a single source file. coreERP could handle any new language in a week.
  • Activity reports and time sheets are 50% completed.
  • As planning of the visits may require extensive computation, we’ve decided to incorporate coreERP with existing solutions instead of implementing the whole solution ourselves. Several partnerships are currently being discussed.
  • Health Care Network (EHC Network): our EHC Network implementation is progressing and will be opened to all physicians, clinics, pharmacies, Home care organizations, hospitals and insurance companies  (with the preservation of medical data of patients), and patients themselves, facilitating the exchange of medical information by Q4 2019. A catalog of forms will be available to medical organizations, which will allow them to set better diagnosis and share data with the patients (patients could also provide health measurements over time).
Read More is pleased to announce several improvements to its CoreERP software

CoreERP,’s software solution has been successfully adapted to the Swiss Home Care system.

For more than a year now,, specialist in mobile and web health applications, has provided added value software to its clients. By joining forces, our ambition is to provide quality products and meet Swiss health sector demands both in terms of business specifications and technological realization.

After receiving numerous recommendations from GE / VD physicians, as well as several Swiss organizations such as SwissAgisan and MyPrivateCare, we have incorporated several improvements to CoreERP, in order to offer a more complete and turnkey solution to all Swiss Home Care organizations.

Medical forms managed by these associations such as the patient records, medical RAI and household assessments, the exit form are already supported by CoreERP but we went further…

A) What’s new?

A.1. Diversified Cloud Solutions

We tested our CoreERP solution on several infrastructures including DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure, InfoManiak and Exoscale. Deployment remains generic and simple. We are currently discussing a possible offer of CoreERP with Swisscom, as part of their SaaS (Solution As A Service) portfolio. There are also several possible synergies between Evita, the SwissCom solution for medical organizations and CoreERP with the upcoming launch of a Health Care Network (data sharing between patients and doctors).

A.2. More advanced process automation

Business processes in the health field are complex. Automation is key for time saving and cost reduction. CoreERP offers a unique automated solution. Here are some of the improvements:

A.2.1. Implementation of a summary table

A summary table of patient records is now available for the web and mobile version. It does contain the most important fields such as vital parameters (weight, respiratory rate, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.), RAI alarms, performance scales, observations and / or tasks related to this patient. This table is very useful for health field workers who need quick access to important data.

A.2.2. Form Automation

◦ When a medical claim is completed, RAI and household assessments are now automatically generated. They’re no longer created manually

◦ For RAI evaluations, the active instance is synchronized automatically between the mobile app and the back-end. When the field worker completes the evaluation, CoreERP then generates the “action plan”, the RAI alarms and the performance scales (AVQ, IAVQ, CPS et DRS).

◦ The renewal of RAI assessments and the OPAS management are also automated.

◦ When the medical claim is created, the associated exit form is also created in order to handle end-to-end tracability.

◦ When the exit form is completed, all associated forms (medical claims, patient forms, evaluations…) are automatically archived. If a conflict occurs, CoreERP identifies the issues and raise corrective actions to the administrator. The DMST (canton de VD) is also generated automatically.

A.3. Automatic Document Generation and EDM (Electronic Document Management)

◦ Working documents can be generated automatically saving valuable time to administrators and avoiding data entry mistakes. For example, the DMST V2.1 (Medico-social transmission document) which is a standardized document used in the canton de VD when transferring a patient from one healthcare provider to another, contains useful information to ensure continuity in patient care. These include administrative information, a contact list (Caregivers, family and relatives), health checks and data transfer. The DMST was developed within the framework of the cantonal programs in order to improve patient quality follow-up among partners (eHealth). CoreERP generates this document and track its status for a better follow-up during the transfers.
◦ CoreERP has an incorporated EDM system that could easily integrate with existing systems such as SAP, Documentum and SharePoint (Office365).

A.4. Improved ergonomy and analysis tools

◦ The Offline solution has been improved. The field collaborator no longer needs to intervene for data synchronization between field workers and the admin center.  Note that if the internet connection is available, the collaborator has the possibility to initiate a synchronization by hand, in order to refresh the data in real time. But this is an optional operation and is not mandatory.


◦ Color code: For RAI evaluation, for example, a color code has been added to identify the progress of each section. This is very useful if the evaluation is performed during multiple visits. By knowing the status of the section, productivity is greatly improved. The color codes are as follow:

▪ Red to indicate that the section was not started.
▪ Blue to indicate that the section has been started.
▪ Green to indicate that the section has been completed.

◦ Several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are now available in the turnkey solution such as patient evolution history, statistics related to the number of RAI assessments to be processed, the number of billing mandates to be processed, various indicators such as LAMAL / NON-LAMAL acts…

B. Additional functionalities will be available by Q2 2018:

B.1. Multilingual

◦ The multilingual module will be available in French, Italian, German and English.

B.2. Automated action plan

◦ Although there are no QSYS and InterRAI specifications regarding action plan automation, we should be able to push the automation to a higher level. Our algorithm will link generated RAI alarms to OPAS and RAI HC, ASSASD acts. An action plan will then be generated proposing recommended acts and frequencies. The staff will then evaluate the plan and make any correction to it. Based on staff’s changes, the algorithm will adapt and propose new action plan for similar patients. The machine will never replace human and medical expertise but our solution will help improve analysis and validate action plans faster.

B.3. OPAS approval process

◦ The OPAL follow-up and renewal process already exist. CoreERP goes further… The approval OPAS process will be fully automated by the use of workflows and electronic certified signatures of the attending physician, the insurance and the home care organization. That would simplify the OPAS traceability and improve productivity for all parties.

B.4. Implementation of automated activity reports and time sheets

◦ CoreERP now manages a manual activity report for employees. In the near future, CoreERP will be able to generate automated ones based on the action plan acts and next, the billing statements.

B.5. Software enhancements

◦ CoreERP is using the most advanced open source technologies such as NodeJS, Bootstrap, Angular2, IONIC1 and CouchDB. The ultra-fast Google V8 engine allows to decouple application requests and offline synchronization, thus eliminating any latency and improving the user experience. Field staff can focus on their business activities and not worry about the mobile interface. We plan migrate the CoreERP mobile application to IONIC2 in the coming months to further improve this user experience.

B.6. Automated planning

◦ With the advanced Geo-localization tools, we will be able to create visits and optimize field staff journeys (and thus reduce the cost and duration of field staff journeys).

B.7. Health Care Network (EHC Network)

◦ CoreERP is a platform that will be opened to all physicians, clinics, pharmacies, Home care organizations, hospitals, insurance companies  (with the preservation of medical data of patients), and patients themselves, facilitating the exchange of medical information. A catalog of forms will be available to medical organizations, which will allow them to set better diagnosis and share data with the patients (patients could also provide health measurements over time).

Si vous désirez plus d’information, vous pouvez nous contacter à l’adresse mail ou nous appeler au +41 75 416 4140.

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A new and complete Office365 intranet in 15 days!

Pre-designed and packaged intranets as a service delivered in 15 days with Office365, a YFORM Limited company provides its own software solutions along with the integration of established ones such as Office365. We have designed intranet solutions to help you drive productivity, adoption,governance and success!

Whether you’re a 50 or 5’000 user organization, easy-to-navigate intranet on SharePoint will work for you. Imagine all your people, no matter where they’re based or what device they’re working on, being able to:

  • Move between 100% secure information environments
  • Instantly create, share, edit and discuss documents
  • Organize, manage and track projects, assign tasks to team members
  • Exchange content with specific groups of people or publish it to the entire organization
  • Create secure work spaces to collaborate with external partners

Call us at +41 75 416 4140 to arrange a free demo and discuss your requirements.

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Sales agreement with NNIT & Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk Sales Incentive Plan Project (YFORM Limited) signs an agreement with NNIT and Novo Nordisk for the implementation of NN Sales Incentive Plan solution. This complex SharePoint solution is used worldwide in around 75 countries, by Novo Nordisk sales affiliates. It contains several submission forms, complex automated workflows (multi stages approval process from Sales, Marketing to General Manager and VPs), document generation features and KPIs related to sales incentive plans (Sales metrics Business Analytics computed on real-time). It involves User Management capabilities (per country and per role) and Configuration items (country, sales rep model…). This solution may be integrated in the near future, to GLOBESHARE, Novo Nordisk’s intranet portal.

The Incentive Plan will contain:

  • Captive Contests & Sales Recognition Presentation
  • Captive Objectives: New Accounts, Quota Attainment, Sales Clubs, Product Launch, Training, Recognition
  • Monthly Rewards for Quota and Annual Club Rewards
  • Service/Support
  • Quarterly Quota
  • Stretch Goal Incentive
  • Variable Ratio Rewards
  • Incentive Strategy Performance with Incentive; The Target Audience for Incentives should be the Mid-Range Performers, 5-7% Top Performers 80-90% Mid-Range Performers 5-7% Poor Performers (short-term) Performance will increase at most levels Variable to market conditions (5-30%+).
  • Contest Length: Based on Sales Cycle,;Then double Promotion Period; Flex Period Promotions: Allows Channel Partners to run the promotion to meet their schedule
  • Budget Rules of Thumb: 1-2% if product margins less than 30% and 2-3% if product margins greater than 30%; Incremental Sales 4-7% if product margins less than 30% and 7-10% if product margins greater than 30%…

The SIP application will be hosted by NNIT. staff will coordinate the work and implement the deliverables with NNIT China, NNIT Philippines and Novo Nordisk. staff will also work with Novo Nordisk affiliates in order to validate the solution and make sure it meets business expectations. (YFORM Limited) will support NNIT and Novo Nordisk in the implementation of several enhancements, all identified with Novo Nordisk affiliates. This is the first contract for involving one of the top Pharma companies in the World.

nnitYForm_r1b_Final nn




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Caspio and sign an agreement

Caspio and sign an agreement for Switzerland, Europe & Canada will support Caspio customers to integrate new forms, migrate their data to the Cloud and implement new database applications. For instance, we could assist Caspio’s customers moving standalone database applications (ex: MS Access, excel files…) into the Cloud and therefore, produce powerful multi-users online applications. Also, our mobile form solution that collects data on the field, could be seamlessly integrated to Caspio back-end.


Caspio is a productivity platform for business professionals who want to create online database applications quickly and without coding.

Everything you need is included, Unlimited users for your applications, Applications can be embedded anywhere.
You can manage your data with Caspio, an easy-to-use, yet powerful online database platform. Create forms, reports, and business applications quickly and without programming. Seize business opportunities, streamline processes, and bring your ideas to life like never before.

All-in-One Platform

Your account includes everything you need to create and launch custom database applications using one seamlessly integrated cloud solution. Just bring your ideas and project backlog, and start seizing market opportunities now.


Caspio raises the bar for cloud data management by providing one of the most capable, scalable, and secure databases available through a web-based interface. It requires no installation, no upkeep, and no advanced database skills. It is designed to be your centralized cloud database, easily working with your Caspio-powered applications and external services and programs.


Now, business professionals can create forms or publish databases on the web in minutes. It offers a long list of rich capabilities for every aspect of a modern, smart custom application. Whether you want to improve an internal process or create a customer-facing application, Caspio has the tools that you need.


The platform was perfected in 2000, and today serves thousands of customers ranging from large corporations and government agencies to non-profits and small businesses such as the Bill & Melinda GATES foundation, Blue Cross, Lenovo and so on. Over 500,000 applications are running on Caspio’s online platform across several global sites. Caspio also meets the demands of many industry compliance and security requirements.

Please contact us should you require a demo or assistance to move your applications to the Cloud or creating new ones using this solution.


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Excelsia SA and sign an agreement

Excelsia Switzerland SA, a pro-DATA Group company, has signed an agreement with regarding IT support and IT training projects in Switzerland.

Excelsia is part of the Pro-Data LGI SA, a group entity dedicated to companies in Switzerland. It can meet all your needs in the fields of IT Services, Web and Training.

The company is on a human scale and the in-depth technical knowledge of its employees and efficient back office, which is shared by all the group’s companies, enable it to provide a comprehensive service that is optimized, proactive and of a high quality, both nationally and internationally.

Pro-Data LGI SA offers you a range of services covering all company needs in terms of information and communication technology. Note that the company is one of the very few Swiss companies offering IT Services to have been awarded the Swiss Quality label.

Excelsia SA is an entity of the Pro-Data Group specialized in the field of IT Training. It can provide companies with its expertise in vocational training for adults, whatever the profession. Its team can bring personalized and quality solutions in the following areas:

  • IT and office automation
  • Communication and leadership
  • Project management and risk management
  • Management and decision-making

Some of their services are related to the following areas:

  • Installation and Maintenance: Pro-DATA technical skills, which have received accreditation from manufacturers, as well as continuous monitoring of technological developments, ensure that you get the best service at a cost suited to your budget. They deal with all your technical projects in-house,
  • Sales of Equipment: with global network, Pro-DATA is able to provide any product or specific study on hardware you may require,
  • Digital Marketing: Pro-DATA can build your website,
  • Training: Pro-DATA provides MS Office level and requirements questionnaires as well as catalog of training courses in communication, project management, multimedia, servers and networks,
  • Hosting services: Pro-DATA offer all types of services hosted in their Swiss Data centers and could provide Offce365 in collaboration with,
  • IT Security to secure IT infrastructures,
  • IT Consultancy: Pro-Data Group is LSE (Swiss Federal recruitment and hiring of services Act) accredited for recruitment and secondment., as a certified Microsoft partner, will provide IT training and IT consultancy services to some of Excelsia clients. IT Services will be mostly related to Microsoft technology (MS Exchange, MS Access migration to the cloud, SharePoint, Office365…).


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